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Our wall murals allow you to personalise and transform your own space, whether at home or work. You may already have your own favourite image which we can use or you can look for insipration from the galleries opposite. Then let us do the hard work of transforming your boring wall into a stunning focal point.

Millions of images to choose from:

The galleries offer a selection of highlights from millions of photographs and designs to help inspire you to choose your perfect design. Choose an image, send us the reference number and we’ll be WallOverIt!

Can’t find the image you are looking for?

Looking for a bespoke design or image? Don’t worry, our team of artists and designers are on hand to help you realise your dream wall. Just give us a brief description of your creative vision and we’ll be WallOverIt!



To give you an accurate quote we need accurate wall measurements. Don't worry, we understand you may have fixtures, fittings or gradients on your wall - so just give us the width and height at the biggest points and we'll be WallOverIt!

In order for the WallOverIt team to produce a quote for your project - please provide us with some basic information opposite. Pricing starts from just £36 per sq/m.

*What is an image code?

When choosing an image from iStockphoto, ShutterStock, Rex or any other gallery, each image has an individual number - this can found next to the image for example: #123456789. You don't need to purchase the image yourself - just let us know the number and we'll do the rest!

We understand you have invested time and money in creating your dream wall so don't stress about fitting it - let us do it for you.

We provide our professionally trained decorators from the WallOverIt network who will bring your design to life. Choose a convenient time for you and let us do everything else - no stress and no mess - we are WallOverIt!!!

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